Painintings in acryl and Photografic

Nature and landscapes are regulary used as a theme in my paintings and photografics Not realistic, but changed as I feel how it should or could be. Using constructive lines and a warm richly coloured palette I create my own reality. My interest of nature is still there, but the ancient architectonic world forms an important part of my paintings.

At this time my paintings are more spirutual and are shared in the theme of Gateways. I'm trying to shape an alternative reality, which, for me, has a deeper mystical meening. With a minimum of forms and colours I am searching for an image that gives me answers to my emotions and feelings of that particulary moment. One moment I choose a realistic starting point and deform it to a composition that gives a free and expressionistic view of reality.  The other moment I am starting the painting with filling out the background with coloured planes. Intuative, as I progress with my painting, an image develops it self. All my energy, emotion, imagination and dreams comes to reality and are captured on the canvas. These last paintings are more colourfull and more abstracter.

Photografic is also important for me. I process my Photo's digitaal and than I make a collage to make an expressif and surrealistic presentation.